Oops! We made a moostake….it happens!

We made a moostake and as much as we try to not make moostakes, we did.  

We love our labels but it was time for a change.    We have had two labels, one on the front and one on the back.  We have decided to go with the single wrap around label.  We really like it.  It still has Gracie’s beautiful face and all the great ingredient information but is now on a nice wrap around label.  We were able to add a bit more information and the next version will have a QR Code too. The other benefit is that we can go from labeling the jars ourselves, which is so much work, to having a machine to all. Even better our kitchen can label them right when they are done being made. Such a time saver for Coo Moo!  We are really happy with the new version but we made a moostake. Here is what happened:

We are using a new label company and when we got the proof for the new label, we approved it after many renditions.  However, we made the mistake of ordering it on Kraft paper.  The new label company did not have the same paper we used for the old labels.  When we got the final draft is was great but we did not see what it looked like on the Kraft paper.  The labels went straight to the kitchen and1800 jars later when they were delivered we saw the labeled jars.  Yikes!  It was so much darker than the paper we were using before.  We were in a pickle!  The dark label was not horrible.  Could we live with it? After several sleepless nights and lot’s of discussions we decided to go with the lighter label.   So, we ordered all new labels, on light paper, and we felt so much better!  Yes, it was an added expense, but we just couldn’t have the product go out with a label we weren’t happy with.  

Now the question came up with what do we do with the old label?  Well let me just say that we have tried every possible way to remove it from the jar.  The problem is that we need to be extremely careful with not compromising the jam.  If we use hot water to soak them off then we lose the integrity of the jam.  Steaming them off did really well to get the label off but not the glue.  We could of tried Goof Off but the chemical smell is horrible and we do not want that anywhere near the jam.  So….. the only good and safe way to put the new label on was to go right on top of the old one.  The only problem we have is that it is virtually impossible to get them exactly on the old label.  So, if you buy a jar of jam and you happen to see a slightly dark version underneath…the corner or the top, please know we are not hiding anything but the darker label.  It is not the solution we wanted but it is the only one that seems to work.  Some of you may not notice a thing. but if you do, please understand our dilemma.  The next batch that comes out of the kitchen will be just perfect but until then I hope you don’t mind a dark label peaking out you.  We learned a lesson.  Moostakes happen.  It’s ok. 

Moo Hoo!

Julie Deck

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