New Flavor…New Sauce….New Year!!! Watch out World here we come!

Wow! What at year! When I look back at 2021 I am full of mixed emotions. It was an exciting year for Coo Moo. We started to get back out in the world after a year of some pretty strict Covid restrictions worldwide. When we started a little over two years ago my goals for Coo Moo looked so different than what what they turned into over the last two years. Every business I know has had to make all kinds of adjustments just to keep their businesses afloat. We changed our goals. We adjusted. It has not been easy but we all just keep moving forward.

I wanted to add some new products in 2021. Done. Triple Berry Moogarita was swirling around in my recipe file for some time. I had played with the recipe using different fruits and spices. I used my love of berries and margaritas to come up with this one! I spent some time in New Mexico and fell in love with the Hatch Chili’s and of course what is not to love about a Jalapeño Margarita. After months of making test batches the recipe was nailed down and ready to go the kitchen for production. We always do a test batch at the kitchen and there is a good reason for that. When I make small test batches I have control over the ingredients but that changes when you are making large batches. There is a fine balance with pectin and alcohol when you are making jams and the balance was off in the first test batch. We just couldn’t get the jam to become jam. Oh no. BUT WAIT! No need to fret! We developed without planning an amazing Sauce. Triple Berry Moogarita Sauce arrived unexpectedly but it was wonderful! Full of flavor from the berries and a nice kick from the Hatch Chili Peppers and Jalapeño it was amazing. However, it was a sauce and not jam. So by accident we have a new Sauce and I love it! After a bit of adjustment on the alcohol levels we had our jam. Triple Berry Moogarita Jam is the bomb. Amazing! So good and everyone is loving it.

Triple Berry Moogarita Sauce
Triple Berry Moogarita Sauce
Triple Berry Moogarita Jam
Triple Berry Moogarita Jam

I wanted to introduce Coo Moo to the World…yes the World! This year we accomplished that goal! It has been so much fun. Pictures were taken (thank you @shannonkellipictures) and lot’s of media exposure (thank you @chicexecs) and things are rocking and rolling!! We were in publications, on a tv show and a part of an article about Charcuterie Boards that went viral worldwide. How exciting is that! The World now gets to know and try Coo Moo Jams!

I am so excited for the year ahead! It was a long difficult but exciting 2021! Come on 2022! Let the fun begin!

Hoopy New Year!

Julie Deck and Gracie

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