About Coo Moo

I love Jam. I love Scotland. I love the Highland Coo cow. These things that I love so dearly inspired me and helped me create Coo Moo Jams. But the journey getting here has been an adventure full of love, hard work and determination. Let me tell you the story.

Seven years ago two friends and I started a Jam company making wonderful jams with local fruit from our local farms here in Brentwood, California. We were very passionate about the specialty foods we were creating, and the outcome was excellent reviews. We made delightful jams and sold them locally for several years. After the tragic loss of my husband and business partner, a break to recover was very much in order. Time helps heal a little, and both of them are still with me in spirit today. Eventually, the thought of being back in the kitchen excited me again and I realized how much I missed that creative outlet in my life. I wanted to make jams again.

Our best seller was a sweet and spicy jam and everyone loved it. We couldn’t keep it on the shelves. After considerable time and planning I knew the time was right so I jumped back in to begin a new jam business with new recipes. I spent six months in the kitchen developing the recipes with various fruits and spices to make an exciting new jam. I nailed down one delightful recipe and am working on two more varieties of the spicy and sweet jam. I found a commercial kitchen in Petaluma who was able to produce this jam with my recipe in volume. Fantastic!

During the last few years I had been traveling to Scotland. I fell in love with the Scotland. I loved everything about this magical country full of wonderful people, great whisky and an amazing history. But most of all I fell in love with the Highland Coo cow. I knew they had to be a part of this new adventure. So what do I do about the Coo? Well I had been following a talented artist named Lauren Terry who paints cows…all kinds of them. Lauren is located in Yorkshire England. Her website is www.laurenscows.com. I contacted Lauren, told her about my dream of having her paint a Coo and she graciously agreed to create a Coo for me. I was beyond excited that this dream of mine was coming true. She gave me Gracie. She is beautiful and she loves Jam. So here we are. Coo Moo Jams! Come along with us on this new adventure. You will love the Jam and seeing Gracie in your home. Moo Hoo!!

-Julie Deck, Founder of Coo Moo Jams