Now this is a Stampede you want to be a part of…….

Spicy Black Berry Apricot Bourbon Stampede

It’s a Stampede! It is delicious! Check out our new Coo Mix and Muddle to see our very own Keith Waldrop (@thatguykeyth) mix and muddle this wonderful new cocktail. With the great taste of blackberry, ginger beer and of course our best selling Apricot Habanero Jam you want to be apart of this Stampede! The tanginess of the lime and Tajin around the rim of the glass makes this Stampede a winner!

Here is the recipe:

1 tbs. CooMoo Apricot HabaneroJam

2 oz. Bourbon 

1/2 oz. lime juice

4 fresh blackberries

3 slices jalapeños (diced)

ginger beer

Tajin spice

1 lime wheel (to garnish)

1.  Rim your Rocks Glass with Tajin

2.  Put lime juice, blackberries, diced jalapeño and CooMoo’s Apricot Habanero Jam into glass and muddle

3.  Add ice, then bourbon and top off with ginger beer 


MooHoo! Thank you! And Enjoy!

One thought on “Now this is a Stampede you want to be a part of…….

  1. Seana Fippin says:

    CHECK this out!! Looks like an amazing cocktail CooMoo. Can’t wait to try. Best Damn Jam in town!!

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