Happy New Year! Welcome 2023!

This year has started with a BANG!

Happy New Year!  I hope the new year is going well for all of you!  I apologize for not getting a post out sooner but 2023 has started out with a bang!  I just got back from the Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas.  I had not been for a few years do to covid and as usual it did not disappoint.  With over 1000 vendors in attendance it was pretty amazing to see the latest in food trends, ideas and making wonderful new friends and connections.  So fun!  

There are are a lot of new changes coming this year.  Preserve Farm Kitchen, the wonderful co-packer who makes my jams and sauces is closing their doors at the end of this month.  Merrilee Olson, the owner and chef has been so wonderful to work with and has become a very dear friend.  The lease on the building where the kitchen was located ended and Merrilee is moving on to new adventures.  I am so excited for her but will miss her terribly.  No worries we have plenty of jam and we will hopefully find a new co-packer very soon.  

I am planning a few new surprises for the new year so stay tuned.  Because the year as started out so busy I am posting a fun tip for all of you that love having your Coo Moo served on Cream Cheese and Crackers.  If you add some feta cheese (as much or as little as you want) to your cream cheese before adding the Coo Moo it will make the flavor POP!!!  The salt in the feta brings out the flavor of the jam and makes it even more delicious.  I prefer to use whipped cream cheese just because it is easier to spread but any form of cream cheese works great.  Try it on your charcuterie boards for the upcoming Super Bowl!  It is so good and you will not even know that the Feta cheese is even in the mixture.  ENJOY!!!


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