Triple Berry Moogarita Sauce


Introducing Triple Berry Moogarita Sauce! It has all the wonderful flavors of the Triple Berry Moogarita Jam but it’s a Sauce!! What???? The story behind the creation of this Sauce is pretty cool. We were in the kitchen making a test batch Triple Berry Moogarita Jam and the original recipe called for more alcohol…tequila and triple sec. There is a fine balance when you are cooking with alcohol and pectin. The pectin didn’t like all that good stuff and didn’t gel. But boy did we have a delicious Sauce created! An unexpected accident!! It is so good! It has some spice and all those delicious berries! You are going to love it! Not to worry all that alcohol has burned off so safe for kids to eat. Try it on some grilled or baked Pork chop…on pancakes or waffles… on some vanilla ice cream. Yummy!!!! Moo Hoo!